Billing & Insurance

You may settle your hospital bill by a bank transfer payment. Please mention the purpose of the transfer, the name of the beneficiary and Necker as the recipient hospital. Do not forget to include the number of your account customer listed in the bill or in the estimate.

Questions about payment and insurance
▪ I have already paid my bill but I recently received a reminder. What should I do?
If you have already paid your bill, do not take into account the payment reminder letter you may have received. A receipt from Necker hospital will be sent to you as soon as your payment is registered. It should not take more than a month.

▪ My insurance company will cover the cost of the hospitalization of my daughter only if I send medical documentation to them. How can I get those documents?
Call Necker’s switchboard 00 33 1 44 49 40 00, an English-speaking operator will put you through the right medical service.

▪ I lost the bill you sent me. Can you send me another one?
A payment reminder letter will automatically be sent by the French Treasury Department. No copy of bill will be issued by the hospital.